CHINA, 1; USA, 0.

I don’t know anything about China’s consumer products. It doesn’t seem like such a strange statement to make until you start to think about how much they know about ours. They literally make everything from our toothbrushes and dog food to our iPhones and shoes. And while it’s not so weird that China makes our toothbrushes and shoes, isn’t it weird that they are privy to the odd devices of our culture?

Take the iDog, for example. It’s a speaker for the iPod that’s shaped like a dog, I’m sure you’ve seen it at a Wal-Mart near you. It wags its ‘tail’ and moves its ‘ears’ to the beat of whatever Hannah Montana song some seven-year-old girl somewhere is playing. And it’s not enough that the sales clerk is laughing at every parent for buying it, but some Chinese family is laughing at them too.*

The only reason Mexicans still want to live here is because they make our jelly beans and Wrangler’s jeans.

*The bitter laugh of a family who knows the iDog retails for more than their weekly wage.


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