It’s no surprise the stories making ‘news’ publications these days, but every once in a while one is ridiculous enough to make you think we evolved from apes or something (wouldn’t that be wild!). I’m talking about the tbt*s reprint of the Slate.com article on texting etiquette in social situations (Slate.com).

FINALLY! Finally, someone has addressed this societal plague of a problem and informed us of these critical texting do’s and dont’s. Phew–crisis averted. Seriously though? The columnist received 300+ replies with solutions to the rude texting dilemma. Do we really act so ridiculous with our cellphones that we need to be reminded how to use them? I’m not even annoyed by the article, but by its relevance and practical application.

You don’t have to read an article to figure this out, just pay attention to your surroundings (and/or don’t be an idiot). There’s always that one asshole who picks up the phone every few minutes, ‘listening’ while staring down at their phone–or worse–laughing at something completely unrelated. That’s how you know when it’s rude to text in social situations. And just in case you don’t know what I’m talking about, let me clue you in on something: You’re the asshole.

My generation should remember life before cellphones. At least life before cellphones with text messaging. We didn’t make frequent calls during social situations and texting should be no different. If you’re not the Pope, President, or Queen, I think that text can wait, you self-important turd.


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