How many e-mail addresses, social networking accounts, blogs, or any other similar accounts have you had in your life? I know my LiveJournal is still lurking around because I read it to remind myself how retarded awesome I was and my MySpace is still up and running despite my bandwagonesque leap to Facebook. It sort of weirds me out that I’ve abandoned fragments of my life in this way.

In terms of blogs and social networking sites, they’re actual left behind periods of my life. LiveJournal was my angsty high school period before my transition to MySpace and a random blog I couldn’t even tell you the name of at the start of my college Freshman year. It’s because of this that I’m reluctant to delete these accounts; they currently afford me the opportunities of nostalgia and self-deprecation.

Still, do you find it odd how quickly we (as a generation) jump in and out of several accounts that reveal so much of who we are/who we want people to think we are? Entire profiles of everything from our favorite music to where we went to school and e-mail accounts with potentially private information are so quickly left behind and forgotten.

In short, we’re all screwed.


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