Follow your dreams. To the max. Amen. That’s right, boys and girls, reach for the sky, the stars, the planets, and potentially undiscovered universes. I want you to open every closed door and punch rejection in the balls because you’re awesome.

I don’t care how ugly or stupid you are, whatever you want to do, you can do it, because this is America and our parents say so.

Failed high school? You can still be President. Weigh 300 lbs? You can still be a model. If you believe it,  you can achieve it.

It certainly doesn’t matter that people all over the world work tirelessly for their dreams or are born into well-connected families  because you’ve got the power of wanting it really, really, really badly on your side and that trumps hard work and connections any day (bonus: it’s also easier!).

Don’t let the naysayers con you into working hard or going to school any longer than you have to; hop on the Indignant Express (don’t forget your cell phones and Twitter accounts) where you’ll ride the rainbow to happiness. First stop, your dream job!



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