Being short, thus undeniably cuter than my tall (“regular”) counterparts, I’m so easily amused and in love with all things tinier and more useless than the original.

I mean, look at this tiny can. It is so GD adorable it makes me want to choke a baby. I don’t even drink Coke, but I’m ready and willing to drink double the amount of these to equal one regular Coke and then vomit from a disgusting combination of cute and sugar. This thing is smaller than a Sharpie pen. That’s so retarded adorable I don’t know what to do with myself.

But I digress. What I’m really here to talk about is the coup de grace of all things miniature and therefore more superior.

The wee house.

Not that kind of wee, you ding dong. The tiny, the small, the almost-unlivable,-but-so-cute you’re-going-to-try house.

This prefab delight hails from Switzerland and I want to make it mine. At around 127 sq feet TOTAL, it’s the perfect way to be all up in the future hubs business all the time. Which is pretty much where I’m all up all the time anyway, so why not make it easier on my crazy self?

This is the kind of house a girl like me could feel comfortable in. A place where a short person can stretch their legs and actually feel the need to stretch their legs. Right now, I’m all up in too much house.


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