Hey fellow Americans and my one occasional international reader. Let’s start the rest of this week off right with a swift kick in the feelings. Tuesday, you suck. In fact Monday, Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday, you suck too. And don’t try to tell me how Fridays aren’t that bad with your TGIF and pre-weekend bologna. Do you still have to go to work on Friday? Then Fridays suck too.

Doesn’t that feel good, being honest and direct? None of this wishy-washy, don’t-want-to-hurt-your-feelings bologna, just good old fashioned tell-it-like-it-is-ness. Which brings me to my actual point.

What the hell does “Not Now” mean? I don’t need a Not Now button. If I don’t want to add someone right now, if I need some time to mull it over, I’ll let the request sit there until now gets here. “Not Now” isn’t even the opposite of “Confirm”, it’s the passive-aggressive’s attempt at rejecting someone, nicely. And as an aggressive-aggressive, I don’t like that. Give me a button with some balls, like “Suck it, you turd” so that when I confirm, they know, but when I reject they know even harder. If it’s possible to also make their mouse burst into flames then that’s even better.



  1. badlandsbadley

    Facebook should also post it on their wall so that everyone they know is very aware that you have rejected them. It will also explain to all of their friends the suicidal status updates that come afterwards.

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