Say hello to women you will almost never meet in person that are looking for hot young lovin’. I always figured there was a pretty basic checklist for cougars which eliminates the need for a cougar dating site:

  • Already married (see also: mature trophy wife) or
  • Finding dudes without having to go online or
  • Not a cougar. Continue reading

These ads, ridiculously entertaining as they are, are sad lies to desperate, idiotic young “cubs” (Really. They’re called that. FML.):

You can’t see pictures of sweet babes like this on CougarLife.com without signing up, but take a stroll over to DateACougar.com for some fine pickins. Bait and switch is illegal, women. Why don’t you stop messing around, break out the Ben & Jerry’s, put on Murder She Wrote and call it a night.



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