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I don’t have anything to write about really because some of us actually have jobs and don’t sit around playing video games all day. Gabe. However, I’ve been watching a lot (A LOT) of TV lately so that’s what I’m gonna write about, poorly.

First item on the agenda: ugly babies. Ugly babies are ultimately the most unfortunate creatures in the world. And we have birds with guts for necks on our planet, ok? Ugly babies are sad because babies are supposed to be cute. Because you can’t say a baby has a nice personality or is really funny, so when they’re little and retarded, they should at least be cute. Also, ugly babies always grow up to be ugly adults. Fact.

Which leads me to my next point: CeCe Halpert. Could they not find a cuter baby to be the lovechild of one of the cutest onscreen couples this side of Technicolor? The worst part is that I read that CeCe is actually played by a set of twins which is sad because it means there are two identically ugly babies floating around out there. On a side note, I think we need to stop giving twins so much positive attention. They’re weird.

In summation: cute babies can become ugly adults & cute babies can become cute adults (Google Robert Downey, Jr. in the [awful] movie Pound. Pound as a noun, not a verb, creeps. Honestly, what’s wrong with you?), but ugly babies can only become ugly adults.

I’ve noticed that Robert Downey, Jr. has been in, like, every movie in the past couple of years. Is he making up for lost time? Because if this is how he does it, it’s going to fun to watch him catch up on his other hobbies. Like knitting. And heroin.

I can’t remember what else I was going to write about, but it was something amazing probably. Really you’re lucky that this post wasn’t one long run-on sentence of Michael Scott quotes and pictures of Jim with hearts all over them.